Fresh Cut Daily

We cut and grind our meat fresh daily to ensure the best quality & freshness. Don’t settle for pre-packaged, preservative saturated meat that is cut or ground at a distribution facility days before it arrives at the store. Once you’ve tasted the fresh-cut difference, your family will never want to go back.

Need a Custom Cut? No problem! We are happy to cut and package meat to your preference! Looking for that perfect, thick cut T-Bone? Ask one of our friendly meat cutters and we will be glad to help!

Marinated Meat

Looking for a shortcut to a tasty dinner? Look no further than our selection of marinated meat available in our meat department! Marinades may include lemon pepper, Italian herb, or Cajun flavors. Simply prepare as normal and enjoy a deep, rich flavor!

USDA Select

High quality American beef is available every day in our meat department! The United States Department of Agriculture classifies beef into eight categories, with USDA Select being in the top three grades. USDA Select Beef is affordable, uniform in quality and generally lower-fat than other grades. The most tender selections include beef rib (including ribeye steaks), tenderloin and sirloin.

Tender & Juicy Fresh Pork

Other store’s pork is pre-packaged with water and solutions added. Not only does this add weight to the product, but also can replace the pork’s natural flavor. Our pork is cut fresh daily and is guaranteed tender & juicy. Perfect for the grill, oven or skillet!


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